Historic Downtown Eyota Business Incentives

City of Eyota Historic Downtown Business Incentive for Revitalization Projects

The Eyota Economic Development Authority (EDA) was established to attract, promote and build a future for the City of Eyota, focusing on projects that make Eyota a better place to live, work and do business. The Historic Downtown business incentive is meant to enhance and improve the facades of the historic downtown buildings. Encouraging building owners to restore existing downtown buildings, for both energy efficiency, and to add aesthetic charm to Eyota’s historic downtown business district.

Funding to support the incentive program comes from the Rochester half a percent sales tax revenue. Building owners, who are eligible borrowers may also apply for $10,000 in EDA revolving loan funds for the required building owner match.
Commercial Rehabilitation Program Guidelines
Total maximum grant request is $10,000
Project Size Grant Amount Building Owner Required Match Eligible Activities
Up to $2,500 Up to $2,500 No match required See Eligibility A
$2,501 -$10,000+ Up to $7,500 Up to $7,500 See Eligibility B
Projects can be larger than $10,000, EDA grant assistance is a maximum of $10,000 
EDA Revolving Loan Assistance is a maximum of $10,000 per loan request to qualified borrowers.